DSF/prEN IEC 62282-4-101:2021 ( Draft )

Fuel cell technologies – Part 4-101: Fuel cell power systems for propulsion other than road vehicles and auxiliary power units (APU) – Fuel cell power systems for electrically powered industrial trucks – Safety

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This part of IEC 62282 covers safety requirements for fuel cell power systems intended to be used in electrically powered industrial trucks as defined in ISO 5053-1:2020, except for:
- rough-terrain trucks (3.7);
- non-stacking low-lift straddle carrier (3.18);
- stacking high-lift straddle carrier (3.19);
- rough-terrain variable-reach truck (3.21);
- slewing rough-terrain variable-reach truck (3.22);
- variable-reach container handler (3.23);
- pedestrian propelled trucks (3.27, 3.28, 3.29 and 3.30).
This document applies to gaseous hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell power systems and direct methanol fuel cell power systems for electrically powered industrial trucks.
The following fuels are considered within the scope of this document:
- gaseous hydrogen;
- methanol.
This document covers the fuel cell power system as defined in 3.8 and Figure 1.
This document applies to DC type fuel cell power systems, with a rated output voltage not exceeding DC 150 V for indoor and outdoor use.
This document covers fuel cell power systems whose fuel source container is permanently attached to either the industrial truck or the fuel cell power system.
The following are not included in the scope of this document:
- detachable type fuel source containers;
- hybrid trucks that include an internal combustion engine;
- reformer-equipped fuel cell power systems;
- fuel cell power systems intended for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres;
- fuel storage systems using liquid hydrogen.
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