DS/CWA 50271:2021

Recommendations for a modular and cross-cutting Power Take-Off for wave energy direct drive linear solutions

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This document provides recommendations for good practice implementation of Modular and Crosscutting Power Take Offs (PTO) for wave energy linear direct drive technologies, in addition, a switched reluctance case study will be presented. Any wave energy technology developer or associated stakeholders should find here guidance and recommendations to consider and adopt a Modular and Cross-cutting linear direct drive PTO technology.
Consensus on the core elements for Modular and Cross-cutting PTO technology is provided to enable its identification, definition and design recommendations or guidelines, including mechanical, electric, power electronics and control elements. Specifically, this CWA sets out the following:
1) Core elements for a cross-cutting and modular PTO.
2) Relevant interfaces for modular and cross-cutting PTO implementation.
3) Annex: SEA TITAN linear switched reluctance PTO.

Number of pages: 23

Published: 2021-04-23

Date of approval: 2021-04-13

International relationships : CWA 50271:2021 IDT

ICS: 27.140 - Hydraulic energy engineering

Item number: M350087