DS/EN 62270:2004 ( Withdrawn )

Hydroelectric power plant automation - Guide for computer-based control

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This standard sets down guidelines for the application, design concepts, and implementation of computer-based control systems for hydroelectric plant automation. It addresses functional capabilities, performance requirements, interface requirements, hardware considerations, and operator training. It includes recommendations for system testing and acceptance. Finally, case studies of actual computer-based automatic control applications are presented. The automation of control and data logging functions has relieved the plant operator of these tasks, allowing the operator more time to concentrate on other duties. In many cases, the plant's operating costs can be significantly reduced by automation primarily via staff reduction) while still maintaining a high level of unit control reliability. Automatic control systems for hydroelectric units based on electromechanical relay logic have been in general use for a number of years and, in fact, were considered standard practice for the industry. Within the last decade, microprocessor-based controllers have become available that are suitable for operation in a power plant environment. These computer-based systems have been applied for data logging, alarm monitoring, and unit and plant control. Advantages of computer-based control include use of graphical user interfaces, the incorporation of sequence of events and trending into the control system, the incorporation of artificial intelligence and expert system capabilities, and reduced plant life cycle cost.

Number of pages: 80

Published: 2004-09-08

Date of approval: 2004-08-23

International relationships : EN 62270:2004 IDT IEC 62270:2004 IDT

ICS: 27.140 - Hydraulic energy engineering

Item number: 47016



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