DS/IEC/TS 62600-100:2012

Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters - Part 100: Electricity producing wave energy converters - Power performance assessment

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The purpose of this Specification is to provide a method for assessing the electrical power
production performance of a WEC. Based on the performance at a testing site
The scope of this document includes:
1. All WECs that produce electrical power from wave energy
2. All sea resource zones (near and offshore, deep and shallow water)
3. The Specification applies to commercial scale WECs that are:
a. Compliantly moored
b. Tautly moored
c. Bottom mounted
d. Shore mounted
The scope of this specification does not include:
1. WECs that produce other forms of energy unless this energy is converted into
electrical energy
2. Resource assessment
3. Scaled devices in test facilities (tank or scaled sea conditions) where any scaling
would need to be carried out to extrapolate results for a full scale device
4. Power quality issues
5. Environmental issues
6. Power matrix transposition from one location to another
This specification provides a systematic method which includes:
1. Measurement of WEC power output in a range of sea states
2. WEC power matrix development
3. An agreed framework for the reporting of the results of the power and wave measurements

Number of pages: 40

Published: 2012-11-02

Date of approval: 2012-10-23

International relationships : IEC TS 62600-100:2012 IDT

ICS: 27.140 - Hydraulic energy engineering

Item number: M262497



  • IEC/TC 114

Danish committee