DS/IEC TS 62600-300:2019

Marine energy – Wave, tidal and other water current converters – Part 300: Electricity producing river energy converters – Power performance assessment

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IEC TS 62600-300:2019 provides: · A systematic methodology for evaluating the power performance of river current energy converters (RECs) that produce electricity for utility scale and localized grids; · A definition of river energy converter rated capacity and rated water speed; · A methodology for the production of power curves for the river energy converters in consideration; and · A framework for the reporting of results. Exclusions from the scope of this document are as follows: · RECs that provide forms of energy other than electrical energy unless the other form is an intermediary step that is converted into electricity by the river energy converter; · Resource assessment, that will be addressed separately in the River Energy Resource Assessment Technical Specification; · Scaling of any measured or derived results; · Power quality issues; · Any type of performance other than power and energy performance; and · The combined effect of multiple river energy converter arrays.

Number of pages: 60

Published: 2019-09-20

Date of approval: 2019-09-17

International relationships : IEC TS 62600-300:2019 IDT

ICS: 27.140 - Hydraulic energy engineering

Item number: M327675



  • IEC/TC 114

Danish committee