ASTM D1039 - 16

Standard Test Methods for Glass-Bonded Mica Used as Electrical Insulation

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1.1 These test methods cover the evaluation of the characteristics of glass-bonded, natural, or synthetic mica materials intended for use as electrical insulation.1.2 Glass bonded mica materials are commercially available in both injection molded and compression molded types. These test methods are applicable to both types except for tensile strength methods. (See Section 41.)1.3 The test methods appear in the following sections:Test MethodSectionASTM Test MethodArc Resistance57 – 59D495Compressive Strength33 – 35D695Conditioning5D618Dielectric Strength48 – 51D149Dissipation Factor43 – 47D150 and D2149Heat Distortion Temperature24 – 29D648Impact Resistance36 – 39D256Modulus of Rupture30 – 32D790 and C674Permittivity43 – 47D150 and D2149Porosity13 – 16D116Resistivity, Volume and Surface52 – 56D257Rockwell Hardness10 – 12D785Specific Gravity?6 – 9D792Specimens4 Tensile Strength40 – 42D638 and D651Terminology3D1711Thermal Conductivity17 – 19C177 and E1225Thermal Expansion20 – 23E228 and

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ICS: 29.035.50 - Mica based materials

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