DS/EN 300401 V1.4.1:2006

Radio Broadcasting Systems; Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) to mobile, portable and fixed receivers



The present document establishes a broadcasting standard for the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) system designed for delivery of high-quality digital audio programme and data services for mobile, portable and fixed reception from terrestrial or satellite transmitters in the Very High Frequency (VHF)/Ultra High Frequency (UHF) frequency bands as well as for distribution through cable networks. The DAB system is designed to provide spectrum and power efficient techniques in terrestrial transmitter network planning, known as the Single Frequency Network (SFN) and the
gap-filling technique. The DAB system is suitable for satellite as well as hybrid/mixed terrestrial/satellite broadcasting, using a simple, nearly omni-directional receiving antenna. The DAB system meets the required sharing criteria with other radiocommunication services.
The present document defines the DAB transmission signal. It includes the coding algorithms for audio, multiplexing of audio programme and data services, channel coding and modulation. A limited range of supplementary services associated with programme services is defined. Provision is also made for transmission of additional data services which may be programme related or not, within the limit of the total system capacity. The present document provides information on the system configuration which includes information about the ensembles, services, service components
and linking of them. Provision is made for a compatible cross-reference to existing Frequency Modulation (FM) services and Amplitude Modulation (AM) services.
The present document describes the nominal characteristics of the emitted DAB signal. The aspects related to the receiver design are outside the scope of the present document. Hardware implementation considerations are not covered.

Number of pages: 200

Published: 2006-08-31

Date of approval: 2006-08-31

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ICS: 33.050.01 - Telecommunication terminal equipment in general

Item number: M215127