DS/EN 55103-2/IS1:2012

Electromagnetic compatibility - Product family standard for audio, video, audio-visual and entertainment lighting control apparatus for professional use - Part 2: Immunity

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This European Standard for EMC immunity requirements applies to professional audio, video, audio-
visual and entertainment lighting control apparatus as defined in 3.6 intended for use in the environments described in Clause 4. This includes the digital apparatus defined in 3.5 and sub-assemblies, see 7.4.
Disturbances in the frequency range 0 Hz to 400 GHz are covered, but requirements are not established over the whole of that range.
NOTE 1 – In Annex C, information is included on infra-red radiation in the wavelength range 0,7 µm to 1,6 µm.
The objective of this standard is to define the immunity test requirements, test signals, performance
criteria and test methods for apparatus defined in the scope, in relation to electromagnetic immunity to
continuous and transient conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbances including electrostatic discharges. These test requirements represent essential electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
Fault conditions of source or victim apparatus are not taken into account.
Apparatus as defined in 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 may be operated with any source of power.
NOTE 2 – Sources of power may include, for example: the public low-voltage supply; private supplies with similar characteristics; a d.c. source provided specifically for the apparatus; batteries internal to the apparatus; stand by generators. Some standards may not apply to private low-voltage supplies.
NOTE 3 – If it is intended to use a hand-held transmitter in proximity, additional mitigation measures may have to be employed to increase the electromagnetic immunity further, beyond the specified limits.
This European Standard does not apply to
– consumer apparatus,
– apparatus specifically designed for security systems,
– apparatus designed to radiate electromagnetic energy for radio communications purposes.

Number of pages: 8

Published: 2012-08-24

Date of approval: 2012-08-06

International relationships : EN 55103-2:2009/IS1:2012 IDT

ICS: 33.100.20 - Immunity 33.160.01 - Audio, video and audiovisual systems in general 97.200.10 - Theatre, stage and studio equipment, and work stations

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