DS/EN 62431:2009

Reflectivity of electromagnetic wave absorbers in millimetre wave frequency - Measurement methods

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This Standard specifies the measurement methods for the reflectivity of electromagnetic wave
absorbers (EMA) for the normal incident, oblique incident and each polarized wave in the
millimetre-wave range. In addition, these methods are also equally effective for the reflectivity
measurement of other materials:
- Measurement frequency range: 30 GHz to 300 GHz
- Reflectivity: 0 to -50 dB
- Incident Angle: 0° to 80°
NOTE – This standard is applicable not only to those EMA which are widely used as the counter-measures against the communication faults, radio interference etc. , but also to those used in an anechoic chamber in some cases.
EMAs may be any kind of material, and may have any arbitrary shape, configuration, or layered structure as pointed out below.
Material: Conductive material, dielectric material, magnetic material
Shape: planar-, pyramidal-, wedge-type, or other specific shapes.
Layer structure: single layer, multi layers, or graded-index material

Number of pages: 64

Published: 2009-02-09

Date of approval: 2009-01-12

International relationships: EN 62431:2008 IDT IEC 62431:2008 IDT

ICS: 33.120.10 - Coaxial cables. Waveguides 29.120.10 - Conduits for electrical purposes 17.020 - Metrology and measurement in general 17.120.01 - Measurement of fluid flow in general 19.080 - Electrical and electronic testing

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  • CLC/SR 46F
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