DS/EN 50332-1:2013

Sound system equipment: Headphones and earphones associated with personal music players - Maximum sound pressure level measurement methodology - Part 1: General method for "one package equipment"

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The scope of this European Standard is to set up a suitable measuring methodology allowing accurate measurement of the maximum sound pressure level produced by consumer's headphones and earphones when associated with personal music players.NOTE This standard does not apply to acoustically open or acoustically closed headphones associated with mains operated Hi-Fi home equipement nor does it apply to headphones for medical purposes (hard of hearing etc.) or to headphones or similar parts being part of active hearing protection systems. Other requirements for safety, e.g. for noise protection in offices and industry are not affected by this standard.Requested features:¿ The method should be reproducible and easily applicable to every type and shape of headphone or earphone available on the market (good mechanical adaptability).¿ As safety and health are addressed, the method should faithfully reflect the pressure level effective at the user's ear (good correlation with subjective tests) to support protection against excessive sound pressure from personal music players (the limits themselves are found in EN 60950-1:2006/A12:2011 and EN 60065:2002/A12:2011 respectively).¿ And finally, it is desirable to establish a global measuring procedure, including each component in the chain:Portable set + specific test signal + associated headphone or earphone.The standard is split into two parts:¿ Part 1 deals with sets provided as a package equipment by the manufacturer. In this case, "Personal music players" means the association of one set (compact cassette player, FM radio receiver, digital media player, streaming audio player…) with supplied headphones or earphones.¿ Part 2 gives guidelines to associate portable audio sets (FM radio receiver, digital media player, streaming audio player…) with headphones or earphones provided separately by any source. And the package sets with standardised connectors between the two allowing to combine components of different manufacturers or different design.

Number of pages: 16

Published: 2013-11-14

Date of approval: 2013-11-12

International relationships : EN 50332-1:2013 IDT

ICS: 33.160.50 - Accessories 17.140.50 - Electroacoustics

Item number: M272871



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