DS/ETSI EN 319 412-2 V2.2.1:2020

Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Certificate Profiles; Part 2: Certificate profile for certificates issued to natural persons

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The present document specifies requirements on the content of certificates issued to natural persons. This profile builds
on IETF RFC 5280 [1] for generic profiling of Recommendation ITU-T X.509 | ISO/IEC 9594-8 [i.3].
This profile supports the requirements of EU Qualified Certificates as specified in the Regulation (EU)
No 910/2014 [i.5] as well as other forms of certificate. The scope of the present document is primary limited to
facilitate interoperable processing and display of certificate information. This profile therefore excludes support for
some certificate information content options, which can be perfectly valid in a local context but which are not regarded
as relevant or suitable for use in widely deployed applications.
The present document focuses on requirements on certificate content. Requirements on decoding and processing rules
are limited to aspects required to process certificate content defined in the present document. Further processing
requirements are only specified for cases where it adds information that is necessary for the sake of interoperability.
Certain applications or protocols impose specific requirements on certificate content. The present document is based on
the assumption that these requirements are adequately defined by the respective application or protocol. It is therefore
outside the scope of the present document to specify such application or protocol specific certificate content.

Number of pages: 16

Published: 2020-07-17

Date of approval: 2020-07-15

International relationships : ETSI EN 319 412-2 V2.2.1 (2020-07) IDT

ICS: 35.240.30 - IT applications in information, documentation and publishing

Item number: M341994




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