DS/EN 300 674-2-2 V2.1.1:2016

Transport and Traffic Telematics (TTT); Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) transmission equipment (500 kbit/s / 250 kbit/s) operating in the 5 795 MHz to 5 815 MHz frequency band; Part 2: Harmonised Standard covering the essential requirements of article 3.2 of Directive 2014/53/EU; Sub-part 2: On-Board Units (OBU)

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The present document applies to Transport and Traffic Telematics (TTT) systems: – with a Radio Frequency (RF) output connection and specified antenna or with an integral antenna; – for data transmission only; – operating on radio frequencies in the 5 725 MHz to 5 875 MHz Short Range Devices frequency band. The applicability of the present document covers only the On Board Units (OBU). The present document does not necessarily include all the characteristics which may be required by a user, nor does it necessarily represent the optimum performance achievable. The present document complies with the Commission Implementing Decision 2013/752/EU [1] and CEPT/ERC Recommendation 70-03 [2]. It is a specific standard covering various TTT applications. The present document applies to the following radio equipment types operating in all or in part of the following service frequency bands given in table 1.
Table 1: Frequency bands and centre frequencies fTx allocated for DSRC
Pan European Service Frequencies National Service Frequencies Channel 1 5,795 GHz to 5,800 GHz, fTx = 5,7975 GHz Channel 2 5,800 GHz to 5,805 GHz, fTx = 5,8025 GHz Channel 3 5,805 GHz to 5,810 GHz, fTx = 5,8075 GHz Channel 4 5,810 GHz to 5,815 GHz, fTx = 5,8125 GHz

The present document contains requirements to demonstrate that radio equipment both effectively uses and supports the efficient use of radio spectrum in order to avoid harmful interference.

Number of pages: 62

Published: 2016-12-22

Date of approval: 2016-12-15

International relationships : ETSI EN 300 674-2-2 V2.1.1 (2016-11) IDT

ICS: 35.240.60 - IT applications in transport and trade 33.100.01 - Electromagnetic compatibility in general 33.100.10 - Emission

Item number: M310822



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