DS/EN ISO 24534-4:2010/A1:2019

Automatic vehicle and equipment identification – Electronic registration identification (ERI) for vehicles – Part 4: Secure communications using asymmetrical techniques – Amendment 1 (ISO 24534-4:2010/Amd 1:2019)

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This part of EN ISO 24534 provides the requirements for an Electronic Registration Identification (ERI) that is based on an identifier assigned to a vehicle (e.g. for recognition by national authorities) suitable to be used for:
– electronic identification of local and foreign vehicles by national authorities,
– vehicle manufacturing, in-life-maintenance and end-of-life identification (vehicle life cycle management),
– adaptation of vehicle data, e.g. in case of international re-sales,
– safety-related purposes,
– crime reduction, and
– commercial services.
It adheres to privacy and data protection regulations.
This part of EN ISO 24534 specifies the interfaces for a secure exchange of data between an ERT and an ERI reader or ERI writer in or outside the vehicle using asymmetric encryption techniques.
NOTE 1 – The onboard device containing the ERI data is called the Electronic Registration Tag (ERT).
This Technical Specification includes:
– the application layer interface between an ERT and an onboard ERI reader or writer,
– the application layer interface between the onboard ERI equipment and external ERI readers and writers, and
– security issues related to the communication with the ERT.
NOTE 2 – The vehicle identifiers and possible additional vehicle data (as typically contained in vehicle registration certificates) are defined in EN ISO 24534-3.
NOTE 3 – The secure application layer interfaces for the exchange of ERI data with an ERI reader or writer are specified in EN ISO 24534-4 and ISO 24534-5.

Number of pages: 24

Published: 2019-03-12

Date of approval: 2019-03-11

International relationships : EN ISO 24534-4:2010/A1:2019 IDT ISO 24534-4:2010/Amd 1:2019 IDT

ICS: 35.240.60 - IT applications in transport and trade 03.220.20 - Road transport 43.020 - Road vehicles in general

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