DS-håndbog 160:2006

DS-håndbog 160:2006)

E-business for small and medium-sized entreprises

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The DS-handbook approaches small and medium enterprises, which wants to implement and work with e-business. The book is a guidience to which actions a company should do, in order to implement e-business, and takes a neutrally perspective, not from IT-suppliers. Furthermore, the book gives suggestions to how a company should act, in order to face the unpredictable challenges of implementing e-business. The reader will be presented to a plan of actions so the company can begin to work with e-business, among other things specific e-business tools, which can be used directly in the company.

The handbook will introduce the basic e-business tools and how they should be used in practice. This will include checklists and guides so the company can act correctly. The book will, among other things present: The use of IT in business, E-commerce, E-marketing, ERP and Cost/Benefit analysis.

The book can also be used as a dictionary if the company faces a dead-end in the implementing process. In addition, the book illustrated with cases, so the reader can sense the use of e-business.

Number of pages: 133

Published: 2006-12-11

Date of approval: 2006-11-07

International relationships :

ICS: 35.240.60 - IT applications in transport and trade

Item number: M216620


Danish committee

DS/S-813 (n)