DS/ISO/IEC 15067-3:2012

Information technology - Home Electronic System (HES) application model - Part 3: Model of a demand-response energy management system for HES

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This part of ISO/IEC 15067 focuses on products and services that can manage energy
consumption and generation of devices dynamically in response to electricity supply and
prices that may vary over time. The model specified here for energy management is intended to be generic and representative of a wide range of situations. This part of ISO/IEC 15067 applies to the customer services portion of the electricity smart grid.
This standard specifies an energy management model for programs that manage the
consumer demand for electricity using a method known as “demand response”. Three types of demand response are specified in this standard: direct control (5.3.1), local control ( and distributed control (
NOTE – Customers and customer equipment may use these methods to control the energy consumption and generation of devices such as appliances and distributed energy resources (for example, photo-voltaic [PV], wind, fuel cell [FC], combined heat and power [CHP], electric vehicle [EV], and stationary battery [SB]).). The taxonomy and lexicon of an energy management model that supports these demand response methods are presented in 7.3 and 7.4.

Number of pages: 48

Published: 2012-10-05

Date of approval: 2012-09-13

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ICS: 35.200 - Interface and interconnection equipment 35.240.99 - IT applications in other fields 97.120 - Automatic controls for household use

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