DS/EN 15892:2011

Railway applications – Noise Emission – Measurement of noise inside driver's cabs

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  • Directive 2008/57/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 June 2008 on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community (Recast)

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This European Standard specifies a type test method to measure noise levels inside the driver's cabs of railway vehicles for assessing compliance with the relevant European legislation.
NOTE – The relevant European legislation includes Directive 2003/10/EC of 6 February 2003 and the Commission Decisions of 23 December 2005 (Technical specification for interoperability relating to the subsystem "rolling stock – noise" of the trans-European conventional rail system) and of 21 February 2008 (Technical specification for interoperability relating to the "rolling stock" sub-system of the trans-European high-speed rail system).
This method is applicable to:
- the measurement of noise inside driver's cab resulting from the sounding of external warning horns when the vehicle is stationary;
- the measurement of noise inside the driver cab while the vehicle is running.
The method is not applicable to:
- complementary measurements that can be requested for acceptance tests, but which are not required by the TSIs referred to in this standard;
- the measurement of the noise from internal and external audible devices other than external warning horns;
- routine monitoring of the noise exposure of train crew.
The test procedures specified in this European Standard are of engineering grade (grade 2) with a precision of ± 2 dB, which is the preferred method for noise declaration purposes, as defined in EN ISO 12001.

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Published: 2011-03-18

Date of approval: 2011-02-24

International relationships : EN 15892:2011 IDT

ICS: 45.060.10 - Tractive stock 17.140.30 - Noise emitted by means of transport

Item number: M235269



  • CEN/TC 256/WG 3

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