ASTM D204 - 02(2021)

Standard Test Methods for Sewing Threads

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1.1 These test methods can be used to evaluate sewing threads of any fiber.1.1.1 The test methods in this standard are intended to evaluate only sewing thread taken from thread holders.1.2 These test methods only provide for the measurement of sewing thread physical properties. These test methods do not address any other properties that may be important for the satisfactory performance of sewing threads under particular end use conditions.1.3 These test methods can be used to measure the following properties: SectionsColorfastness to Drycleaning73 – 83Colorfastness to Laundering62 – 72Colorfastness to Water Migration84 – 94Diameter43 – 50Length per Thread Holder34 – 42Shrinkage, Single Strand51 – 61?Dry Heat58.1?Boiling Water58.2Strength and Elongation15 – 21?Single Strand—Conditioned19.1.1?Single Strand—Wet19.1.2?Loop Strength19.2?Knot Strength19.3Twist22 – 27Twist Balance28 – 33Yarn Number7 – 14Note 1: For methods covering tests on prepared seams, refer to Test Methods D1683/D1683M

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ICS: 59.080.20 - Yarns

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