ASTM D4974 - 04(2016)

Standard Test Method for Hot Air Thermal Shrinkage of Yarn and Cord Using a Thermal Shrinkage Oven

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1.1 This test method covers the measurement of shrinkage of yarns and cords when exposed in a thermal shrinkage oven.1.2 This test method is applicable to yarns and cords made of nylon, polyester, and other polymers not detrimentally affected by the temperature used and with linear densities in the range from 20 to 700 tex (180 to 6300 denier).1.2.1 Yarns or cords for testing may be taken from yarn or cord packages or from fabrics.1.3 This test method shows values in both SI and inch-pound units. SI is the technically correct name for the system of units known as the International System of Units. Inch-pound units is the technically correct name for the customary units used in the United States. The values stated in either acceptable metric units or other units shall be regarded separately as standard. The values expressed in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system must be used independently of each other, without combining values in any way. Referee decision

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ICS: 59.080.20 - Yarns 59.080.50 - Ropes

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