DS/INSTA 1010:2019

Hygienic design of machinery for processing meat and seafood

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This Nordic standard defines different hygienic levels of design requirements for open food processing equipment, for meat and seafood.
Further this standard describes methods to calculate and optimise TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for open food processing equipment, where the TCO is based on the hygienic level of the equipment and the required cleaning process.

The standard is developed according to requirements in the meat and seafood industry in Nordic countries. The standard can be used in other industries too, according to the manufacturers hygienic risk assessment.

1.1 This standard specifies common hygiene requirements and principles of design to ensure the cleanability for machinery and machine components used in preparing and processing food of fish and meat for human and, where relevant, animal consumption to eliminate or minimise the risk of contagion, infection, illness or injury arising from this food. It identifies the hazards that are relevant to the use of such food processing machinery and describes design methods and information for use for the elimination or reduction of these risks.

NOTE 1 – Separate hygiene requirements are contained in other EU Directives or Regulations (see Bibliography).

Examples of hygiene risks and acceptable solutions are given in Annex B.

NOTE 2 – This document may also be used for machinery, components or other equipment used for other purposes than food preparing or processing, if cleanability is required.

1.2 This standard does not deal with the hygiene related risks to personnel arising from the use of the machine.

1.3 This standard is not applicable to machines manufactured before the date of publication of this document.

1.4 In order to comply to this standard, machines also need to comply to EN 1672-1 Basic Safety Food Processing Machinery and the requirements in the Machinery directive and relevant machine safety standards.

Number of pages: 74

Published: 2019-12-04

Date of approval: 2019-07-16

International relationships :

ICS: 67.120.10 - Meat and meat products 67.120.30 - Fish and fishery products 67.260 - Plants and equipment for the food industry 13.110 - Safety of machinery

Item number: M328258