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Standard Test Method for Sensory Analysis—Triangle Test

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1.1 This test method covers a procedure for determining whether a perceptible sensory difference exists between samples of two products.1.2 This test method applies whether a difference may exist in a single sensory attribute or in several.1.3 This test method is applicable when the nature of the difference between the samples is unknown. It does not determine the size or the direction of the difference. The attribute(s) responsible for the difference are not identified.1.4 Compared to the duo-trio test, the triangle test can achieve an equivalent level of statistical significance with fewer assessors. For details on how the triangle test compares to other three-sample tests, see Refs (1) , (2), (3) and (4).21.5 This test method is applicable only if the products are homogeneous. If two samples of the same product can often be distinguished, then another method, for example, descriptive analysis, may be more appropriate.1.6 This test method is applicable only when the products do not

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ICS: 67.240 - Sensory analysis

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