ASTM E1909 - 13(2017)

Standard Guide for Time-Intensity Evaluation of Sensory Attributes

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1.1 This guide covers procedures for conducting and analyzing time-intensity (T-I) evaluations of products or other sensory stimuli. Time-intensity is the measurement of the intensity of a single sensory sensation over time in response to a single exposure to a product or other sensory stimulus. Simultaneous evaluations of multiple sensory attributes are possible, although are outside of the scope of this document. See Reference List for more information.1.2 This guide utilizes a specially trained panel to measure the intensity of a single continuous sensation during the time from initial exposure:1.2.1 To its extinction,1.2.2 To a specified intensity, or1.2.3 To a predetermined limit of time.1.3 Applications not covered in this guide include measuring:1.3.1 Multiple sensations,1.3.2 Multiple exposures within a single measurement, and1.3.3 Qualitative or hedonic changes in the perceived sensation.1.4 This guide includes protocols for the selection and training of judges, descriptions

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ICS: 67.240 - Sensory analysis

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