DS/INF 143:2002

Safety data sheets for chemical substances

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This DS Information contains guidelines for the preparation of instructions (safety data sheets) to be provided by suppliers of chemicals for industrial use in accordance with the statutory order of the Ministry of Labour on substances and preparations. According to the statutory order, such safety data sheet instructions must be easily understood and be worded in Danish, and the order furthermore lays down requirements for the headings and contents of the instructions. The safety data sheet instructions are a means of transferring essential hazard information on the properties of chemicals as well as information on transport, handling, storage and emergency actions from a supplier of a chemical product to the recipent. The objective of dafety data sheet instructions is to ensure that the substances or preparations can be used without presenting a safety or health hazard and that disposal and transport of the chemical product are safe. Safety data sheet instructions form the basis of the instructions prepared by employers to be used at the working place. This DS Information comprises only the development of safety data sheet instructions for chemicals defined as pure substances, including chemicals containing stabilisers or other additives as well as aqueous solutions of pure substances.

Number of pages: 128

Published: 2002-06-11

Date of approval: 2002-05-13

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ICS: 71.020 - Production in the chemical industry 01.110 - Technical product documentation 13.100 - Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene

Item number: 33424


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