ASTM E1482 - 12(2017)

Standard Practice for Use of Gel Filtration Columns for Cytotoxicity Reduction and Neutralization

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Note 1: The title was formerly Standard Test Method for Neutralization of Virucidal Agents in Virucidal Efficacy Evaluations.1.1 This practice is intended to be used to reduce the cytotoxic level of the virus-test product mixture prior to assaying for viral infectivity. It is used in conjunction with evaluations of the virucidal efficacy of disinfectant solutions, wipes, trigger sprays, or pressurized disinfectant spray products intended for use on inanimate, nonporous environmental surfaces. This practice may also be used in the evaluation of hygienic handwashes/handrubs, or for other special applications. The practice may be employed with all viruses and host systems.1.2 This practice should be performed only by persons trained in virology techniques.1.3 This practice utilizes gel filtration technology. The effectiveness of the practice is dependent on the ratio of gel bed volume to sample size and uniformity in the preparation of columns as well as the conditions of entrifugation.