ASTM D883 - 20a

Standard Terminology Relating to Plastics

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1.1 This terminology covers definitions of technical terms used in the plastics industry. Terms that are generally understood or adequately defined in other readily available sources are not included.1.2 When a term is used in an ASTM document for which Committee D20 is responsible it is included only when judged, after review, by Subcommittee D20.92 to be a generally usable term.1.3 Definitions that are identical to those published by another standards body are identified with the abbreviation of the name of the organization; for example, IUPAC is the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.1.4 A definition is a single sentence with additional information included in discussion notes. It is reviewed every 5 years; the year of last review is appended.1.5 For literature related to plastics terminology, see Appendix X1.1.6 This international standard was developed in accordance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Princip

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ICS: 83.080.01 - Plastics in general 01.040.83 - Rubber and plastics industries (Vocabularies)

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