ISO 3877-1:1997

Tyres, valves and tubes – List of equivalent terms – Part 1: Tyres

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This part of IS0 3877 presents a list of equivalent tyre
terms commonly used in the tyre industry.
The terms are arranged in three columns. The first
column gives the English terms in alphabetical order.
The second column gives the English terms used in
the USA and it should be noted that such terms are
not necessarily in alphabetical order. An alphabetical
index of the English (USA) terms is located at the end
of this part of IS0 3877. The third column gives the
equivalent French terms.
In each column, synonyms are separated by a semicolon
Some of the basic terms relating to tyres are illustrated
in figures 1 and 2.
Definitions of some terms presented in this part of
IS0 3877 are given in IS0 4223-l and IS0 4223-2.
For terms relating to wheels/rims and definitions, see
IS0 3911.

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ICS: 83.160.01 - Tyres in general 01.040.83 - Rubber and plastics industries (Vocabularies)

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