DS/EN 16661:2015

Road vehicles and Tyre Pressure Gauges (TPG) - Interoperability between Tyre Information Systems (TIS) and TPG - Interfaces and Requirements

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This European Standard applies to the tyre pressure gauges (TPG) which operate using pressure equipment (devices used in fixed or mobile installations) to inflate the tyres of road using vehicles (M1 and M2 categories) and which may be capable of interacting with vehicles equipped with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) whereby the TPG may be steered by the TPMS/vehicle.

To set the correct tyre inflation, this European Standard defines requirements and processes for the interoperability of TPG with TPMS/vehicle, through standardized interfaces and data exchange formats allowing advanced information, management and control systems between TPG and TPMS/vehicle. The architecture is open and scalable to support the different levels of interoperability (from full interoperability to fully manual).

This European Standard does not define communication protocols (works specifically made under M/453 European mandate).

This European Standard may be applied to all TPG categories referenced in the revision of EN 12645.

The driver/operator is considered as being responsible for the validation of the parameters and tyre pressure.

This European Standard will be applicable upon development of Infrastructure solution (V2I-I2V communication solutions).

Number of pages: 27

Published: 2015-07-09

Date of approval: 2015-06-29

International relationships : EN 16661:2015 IDT

ICS: 83.160.10 - Road vehicle tyres 17.100 - Measurement of force, weight and pressure 35.240.99 - IT applications in other fields 43.180 - Diagnostic, maintenance and test equipment

Item number: M274236



  • CEN/TC 301
  • CEN/TC 301/WG 9

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