ASTM D7855/D7855M - 13(2021)

Standard Test Method for Determination of Mold Growth on Coated Building Products Designed for Interior Applications Using an Environmental Chamber and Indirect Inoculation

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1.1 This test method covers an environmental chamber and the conditions of operation to evaluate in a 4-week period the relative resistance to mold growth and microbial surface defacement on coated building products designed for interior application using an indirect inoculation method. The apparatus is designed so it can be easily built or obtained by any interested party.1.2 This test method can be used to evaluate the comparative resistance of coated building products to accelerated mold growth. Ratings do not imply a specific time period that the coated building product will be free of fungal growth during installation in an interior environment.1.3 This test method is not intended for use in the evaluation of public health claims.1.4 The test method is intended for the accelerated evaluation of mold growth on a coated building product designed for interior use. This method is not intended for evaluation of surfaces designed for exterior applications or uncoated surfaces. Use of t

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ICS: 87.040 - Paints and varnishes 91.180 - Interior finishing

Item number: A007698