DS/HD 60364-7-710:2012+AC:2013 (SIK)

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 7-710: Requirements for special installations or locations - Medical locations

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The particular requirements of this part of HD 60364 apply to electrical installations in medical locations so
as to ensure safety of patients and medical staff. These requirements, in the main, refer to hospitals, private
clinics, medical and dental practices, health care centres and dedicated medical rooms in the work place.
The requirements of this part do not apply to ME equipment.
This part also applies to electrical installations in locations designed for medical research.
NOTE 1 – It may be necessary to modify the existing electrical installation, in accordance with this standard, when a
change of utilization of the location occurs. Special care should be taken where intracardiac procedures are performed in
existing installations.
NOTE 2 – Where applicable, this standard can also be used in veterinary clinics.
NOTE 3 – For ME equipment and ME systems, refer to the EN 60601 series.
NOTE 4 – Care should be taken that other installations should not impair the installations.
NOTE 5 – These requirements concern, for example, electrical installations for medical locations in:
− hospitals and clinics (including container design);
− sanatoriums and health clinics;
− dedicated locations in homes for senior citizens and aged care, where the patients are subjected to medical care;
− medical centres, outpatients’ clinics and departments, casualty wards;
− other outpatients’ institutions (industrial, sports and others).
NOTE 6 – The application of this Harmonization Document does not exempt to respect the national regulations.

Number of pages: 32

Published: 2016-01-29

Date of approval: 2015-09-10

International relationships : HD 60364-7-710:2012 IDT IEC 60364-7-710:2002 MOD

ICS: 91.140.50 - Electricity supply systems

Item number: M300449



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