ASTM E2404 - 17

Standard Practice for Specimen Preparation and Mounting of Textile, Paper or Polymeric (Including Vinyl) and Wood Wall or Ceiling Coverings, Facings and Veneers, to Assess Surface Burning Characteristics

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1.1 This practice describes procedures for specimen preparation and mounting when testing textile, paper, vinyl, expanded vinyl or other polymeric wall or ceiling covering materials to assess flame spread and smoke development as surface burning characteristics using Test Method E84.1.2 This practice applies also to facings or wood veneers intended to be applied on site over a wood substrate (see 8.7).1.3 This practice applies also to water-resistive barriers that are used as a component of exterior wall systems, as part of the exterior envelope (see 3.2.10 and 8.9).1.4 This practice does not apply to the following:1.4.1 Laminated products factory produced with a wood substrate, which are covered by Practice E2579.1.4.2 Water-resistive barriers comprised of foam plastic materials contained within the wall system (see 5.3.1).1.4.3 Water vapor retarders used, in conjunction with thermal insulation, on the interior or exterior side of an exterior wall (see 3.2.11 and 5.3.1).1.5 Testing

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ICS: 91.180 - Interior finishing

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