DS/EN 12098-5:2017

Energy Performance of Buildings – Controls for heating systems – Part 5: Start-stop schedulers for heating systems – Modules M3-5,6,7,8

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This European Standard applies to scheduling equipment for heating systems. The signals can be processed by using either analogue or digital techniques, or both.

It applies to start-stop scheduling functions and sets minimum acceptable standards for functions, performance and documentation.

NOTE 1 – The start-stop function can be integrated within a main control device. In this case, the controller would be expected to this standard for scheduling function.

Safety requirements on heating systems and heating control systems remain unaffected by this European Standard. The actuators and the dynamic behaviour of the valves are not covered in this European Standard. This control equipment may or may not be connected to a data network.

Table 1 shows the relative position of this standard within the set of EPB standards in the context of the modular structure as set out in prEN ISO 52000-1.

NOTE 2 – In prCEN ISO/TR 52000 2 the same table can be found, with, for each module, the numbers of the relevant EPB standards and accompanying technical reports that are published or in preparation.

NOTE 3 – The modules represent EPB standards, although one EPB standard may cover more than one module and one module may be covered by more than one EPB standard, for instance a simplified and a detailed method respectively.

Number of pages: 25

Published: 2017-05-23

Date of approval: 2017-05-22

International relationships : EN 12098-5:2017 IDT

ICS: 91.140.10 - Central heating systems 97.120 - Automatic controls for household use

Item number: M302315



  • CEN/TC 247
  • CEN/TC 247/WG 6

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