DS/EN 14597:2012

Temperature control devices and temperature limiters for heat generating systems

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This European Standard applies to electrical or non electrical temperature control devices which are used to control temperatures within heat generating systems by controlling the supply of energy. It also applies to limiting devices which ensure that the temperature in heat generating systems will not exceed a predefined limit.
This European Standard specifies operating values, operating times, and operational sequences associated with the safety of the heat generating system.
This European Standard also applies to controls using NTCs or PTCs thermistors, additional requirements for which are contained in Annex J of EN 60730-2-9:2010.
This European Standard applies to controls with a rated voltage not exceeding 690 V and with a rated current not exceeding 63 A.
This European Standard also applies to manual controls if, electrically and/or mechanically, they form an integral part of automatic controls.
NOTE – Requirements for manually operated switches not forming part of an automatic control are contained in EN 61058 1.
This European Standard does not apply to room thermostats.
1.2 This European Standard does not take into account the response value of an automatic action of the control, if such a response value is dependent upon the method of mounting the control in the heat generating system or equipment, in which case the control should be tested together with the heat generator. Where a response value is of significance for the protection of the user or surroundings, the value defined in the appropriate household equipment standard or as determined by the manufacturer applies.
1.3 This European Standard applies also to controls incorporating electronic devices, requirements for which are contained in Annex DX.

Number of pages: 40

Published: 2012-08-24

Date of approval: 2012-08-06

International relationships : EN 14597:2012 IDT

ICS: 17.200.20 - Temperature-measuring instruments 91.140.10 - Central heating systems 97.120 - Automatic controls for household use

Item number: M251956



  • CEN/TC 247/WG 6

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