DS 432:2009/Ret. 1:2018 ( Withdrawn )

Code of Practice for Sanitary Drainage – Wastewater Installations

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This code of pratice applies to sanitary drainage installlations in buildings and in the ground inside the site for transport of sewage, rainwater and drainage water. The transport can be let to main wastewater pipes, to a sewage disposal plant for reception and percolation.
The code also applies to sanitary drainage for black liquid, liquid manure and similar liquid, from and including the floor outlet, channels etc.for the connection to containers.
The code applies for both new installations and to improvements and additions to existing systems.

Repairs of pipes and minor changes by replacement of specific sanitary appliances, sanitary tapware, devices, tanks etc. can be made with materials and methods which was allowed according to regulations in force when the installation was made.

Fire technical measures are not a part of this standard.

The overall requirements in clause 2 comprises all types of sanitary drainage installations also in clause 8 given special sanitary drainage installations. The requirements and directions in chapter 3 to 7 are aiming primarily on sanitary drainage installations as traditionally are made in Denmark. This means use of gravity systems where reductions of pressure variations are made by air supply through the water bearing pipes i.e. from possible airing.

Regarding drainiage systems reference are made to DS 436 Code for practice for groundwater drainage of structures. The standard comprises specific pipe conditions. For non specific condittions reference is made to DS 475 Code of practice for trenching for underground pipes and cables.

Number of pages: 3

Published: 2018-05-18

Date of approval: 2018-05-01

Date of withdrawal: 2020-07-14

International relationships :

ICS: 91.140.80 - Drainage systems

Item number: M316565


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