DS/CEN ISO/TS 16401-1:2012 ( Withdrawn )

Electronic fee collection - Evaluation of equipment for conformity to ISO/TS 17575-2 - Part 1: Test suite structure and test purposes

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The standard will define the conformity evaluation tests suite for equipment to the EFC standard on ""Application interface definition for autonomous systems – Communication and connection to the lower layers"" (i.e. CEN ISO/TS 17575 – Part 2).
This part will contain the test suite structure and test purposes (""the human readable part""), and use the methodology for defining conformity tests as defined in the TTCN suite of standards (i.e. ISO/IEC 9646). It will cover tests for the Back End equipment and for the Front End (as either a proxy or a smart client OBE) equipment.
The approach and structure will be analogous to ""Conformity evaluation of on-board and road equipment to EN 15509"" (prEN 15876-1, cf CEN Enquiry version).

The Front End and Back End equipment will most likely be subject to additional testing of physical, environmental endurance, quality assurance and control at manufacturing, charge point integration, as part of factory, site and system acceptance testing. The definition of these tests is outside the scope of this standard.
Conformity evaluation tests for non-functional requirements like sensor accuracy, performance levels and computing power are outside the scope of this standard. They should be covered by the conformity evaluation to the appropriate profile standard.

Number of pages: 172

Published: 2012-06-29

Date of approval: 2012-06-12

Date of withdrawal: 2018-02-15

International relationships : CEN ISO/TS 16401-1:2012 IDT ISO/TS 16401-1:2012 IDT

ICS: 35.240.60 - IT applications in transport and trade 03.220.20 - Road transport

Item number: M254151



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