DS/EN 13648-1:2009

Cryogenic vessels - Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure - Part 1: Safety valves for cryogenic service

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This European Standard specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture and testing of safety valves for cryogenic service, that is to say for operation with cryogenic fluids (as defined in EN 1251-1) below – 10 °C in addition to operation at ambient temperature. It is a requirement of this European Standard that the valves comply with EN ISO 4126 1 or EN ISO 4126-4. In the event of different requirements, the requirements for cryogenic service shall be applied.
NOTE 1 – A cryogenic fluid (refrigerated liquefied gas) is a gas which is partially liquid because of its low temperature (including totally evaporated liquids and supercritical fluids).
This European Standard is restricted to valves not exceeding a size of DN 100 for category B. The valves of category A are limited to DN 25 and set pressures up to 40 bars. Both categories are designed to relieve single phase vapours or gases. A valve can be specified, constructed and tested such that it is suitable for use with more than one gas or with mixtures of gases.
NOTE 2 – All safety valves covered in this European Standard correspond to category IV of PED (Directive 97/23/EC) and category 3 of TPED (Directive 99/36/EC).
NOTE 3 – This European Standard does not provide methods for determining the capacity of relief valve(s) for a particular cryogenic vessel. Such methods are provided in EN 13648 3.

Number of pages: 20

Published: 2009-02-09

Date of approval: 2009-01-14

International relationships : EN 13648-1:2008 IDT

ICS: 23.060.40 - Pressure regulators

Item number: M219159



  • CEN/TC 268/WG 2

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