DS/EN 1991-1-7:2006 ( Withdrawn )

Eurocode 1 - Actions on structures - Part 1-7: General actions - Accidental actions

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(1) EN 1991-1-7 provides strategies and rules for safeguarding buildings and other civil engineering
works against identifiable and unidentifiable accidental actions.
(2) EN 1991-1-7 defines:
– strategies based on identified accidental actions,
– strategies based on limiting the extent of localised failure.
(3) The following subjects are dealt with in this part of EN 1991:
– definitions and symbols (Section 1);
– classification of actions (Section 2);
– design situations (Section 3);
– impact (Section 4);
– explosions (Section 5);
– design for consequences of localised failure in buildings from an unspecified cause (informative
Annex A);
– information on risk assessment (informative Annex B);
– dynamic design for impact (informative Annex C);
– internal explosions (informative Annex D).
(4) Rules on dust explosions in silos are given in EN 1991-4.
(5) Rules on impact from vehicles travelling on the bridge deck are given in EN 1991-2.
(6) EN 1991-1-7 does not specifically deal with accidental actions caused by external explosions, warfare and terrorist activities, or the residual stability of buildings or other civil engineering works damaged by seismic action or fire, etc.
NOTE – See also 3.1.

Number of pages: 68

Published: 2006-11-28

Date of approval: 2006-10-12

Date of withdrawal: 2007-10-26

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ICS: 91.010.30 - Technical aspects 91.080.01 - Structures of buildings in general

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