DS/EN 55016-1-4:2010

Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods - Part 1-4: Radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus - Antennas and test sites for radiated disturbance measurements

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CISPR 16-1-4:2010 specifies the characteristics and performance of equipment for the measurement of radiated disturbances in the frequency range 9 kHz to 18 GHz. Specifications for antennas and test sites are included. The requirements of this publication apply at all frequencies and for all levels of radiated disturbances within the CISPR indicating range of the measuring equipment. Methods of measurement are covered in Part 2-3, and further information on radio disturbance is given in Part 3 of CISPR 16. Uncertainties, statistics and limit modelling are covered in Part 4 of CISPR 16. This third edition of CISPR 16-1-4 cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2007 and its Amendments 1 (2007) and 2 (2008). It is a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical change with respect to the previous edition: provisions are added to address evaluation of a set-up table in the frequency range above 1 GHz. CISPR 16-1-4:2010 has the status of a basic EMC publication in accordance with IEC Guide 107, Electromagnetic compatibility – Guide to the drafting of electromagnetic compatibility publications

Number of pages: 112

Published: 2010-10-22

Date of approval: 2010-08-02

International relationships : EN 55016-1-4:2010 IDT CISPR 16-1-4:2010 IDT

ICS: 33.100.20 - Immunity 33.100.10 - Emission

Item number: M233888



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