DS/EN 55032:2015/AC:2016

Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment – Emission Requirements

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NOTE Blue coloured text within this document indicates text that will be aligned with the future MME immunity
publication CISPR 35.
This International Standard applies to multimedia equipment (MME) as defined in 3.1.24 and
having a rated r.m.s. AC or DC supply voltage not exceeding 600 V.
Equipment within the scope of CISPR 13 or CISPR 22 is within the scope of this publication.
MME intended primarily for professional use is within the scope of this publication.
The radiated emission requirements in this standard are not intended to be applicable to the
intentional transmissions from a radio transmitter as defined by the ITU, nor to any spurious
emissions related to these intentional transmissions.
Equipment, for which emission requirements in the frequency range covered by this
publication are explicitly formulated in other CISPR publications (except CISPR 13 and
CISPR 22), are excluded from the scope of this publication.

Number of pages: 6

Published: 2016-07-28

Date of approval: 2016-07-26

International relationships : EN 55032:2015/AC:2016-07 IDT CISPR 32:2015/COR1:2016 IDT

ICS: 33.100.10 - Emission

Item number: M309699



  • CLC/TC 210

Danish committee