DS/EN 62288:2008 ( Withdrawn )

Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - Presentation of navigation-related information on shipborne navigational displays - General requirements, methods of testing and required test results

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This International Standard specifies the general requirements, methods of testing, and required test results, for the presentation of navigation-related information on shipborne navigational displays in support of IMO resolution MSC.191(79).
(MSC191/1) IMO resolution MSC.191(79) harmonizes the requirements for the presentation of navigation-related information on the bridge of a ship to ensure that all navigational displays adopt a consistent human machine interface philosophy and implementation.
(MSC191/1) IMO resolution MSC.191(79) supplements and, in the case of a conflict, takes priority over, the presentation requirements of the individual performance standards adopted by the IMO for relevant navigational systems and equipment and covers the presentation of navigation-related information by equipment for which Performance Standards have not been adopted by the IMO.
This standard also addresses the guidelines for the presentation of navigation-related symbols, terms and abbreviations in Safety of Navigation circular SN/Circ.243 together with some requirements published in resolution MSC.192(79) on radar; resolution MSC.232(82) on ECDIS; and ergonomic criteria published in circular MSC/Circ.982.
The symbols from SN/Circ.243 are reproduced and expanded upon in Annex A. The terms and abbreviations from SN/Circ.243 are reproduced and expanded upon in Annex B.
Additional guidance on display and dialogue design from MSC/Circ.982 is listed b reference in Annex C.
Some requirements set forth in MSC.191(79) duplicate requirements set forth in other IMO documents (for example, Resolution A.694(17), MSC.192(79), MSC.232(82), etc.) or in the IEC standards further specifying the methods of test and required test results for those requirements (for example, IEC 60945, IEC 61174, IEC 62388, etc.). Where a requirement in this standard duplicates a requirement in another standard, the method(s) of test for that requirement may refer to the other standard.
NOTE – Manufactures may offer relevant test data from compliance tests to other standards such as IEC 60945, IEC 61174, IEC 62388, etc. as evidence of compliance with appropriate tests of this standard.
This standard is organized so that each group of requirements is immediately followed by a clause identifying the method(s) of test. The methods of test are derived from ISO 9241-12 on the presentation of information on visual displays. Guidance on testing is provided in Annex D.
NOTE – All text in this standard whose wording is identical to text contained in an IMO document is printed in italics. Reference to the document is noted at the beginning of the paragraph. The notation contains a prefix referring to the document and a suffix with the paragraph number from the document (for example, (MSC191/1); (SN243/1), etc.).

Number of pages: 108

Published: 2008-11-21

Date of approval: 2008-10-15

Date of withdrawal: 2014-11-20

International relationships : EN 62288:2008 IDT IEC 62288 Ed. 1 IDT

ICS: 47.020.70 - Navigation and control equipment

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