DS/EN ISO 17658:2015

Welding - Imperfections in oxyfuel flame cuts, laser beam cuts and plasma cuts - Terminology (ISO 17658:2002)

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This international Standard defines terms of the possible imperfections in oxyfuel gas, laser beam and plasma cuts in metallic materials which are collected and grouped. Imperfections are irregularities or deviations from the specified shape and location of cut. This international Standard only includes imperfections originating directly from oxyfuel gas, laser beam and plasma arc cutting; any adverse effects resulting from additional external stresses or strains are not considered. The type, shape and location of these imperfections are grouped together but conditions and causes of origin are not given. Information concerning the evaluation and consequences of the above mentioned imperfections is not given because this depends on the specific job requirements. The terms have been selected to characterize the principal imperfections mentioned, however, two or more may be found simultaneously. The grouping system used is not an evaluation of quality.

Number of pages: 30

Published: 2015-12-10

Date of approval: 2015-11-02

International relationships : EN ISO 17658:2015 IDT ISO 17658:2002 IDT

ICS: 25.160.10 - Welding processes 01.040.25 - Manufacturing engineering (Vocabularies)

Item number: M289173



  • CEN/TC 121
  • ISO/TC 44/SC 7

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