DS-håndbog 105.2:1999 ( Withdrawn )

DS-håndbog 105.2:1999)

Recreational areas for all - Collection of examples

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This publication is the result of several years of work with procuring information on recreational areas and facilities which has been provided with entrance facilities and usage possibilities for disabled persons. The research has also been combined with initiatives for influencing the lay-out of new or existing areas. The publication will illustrate that providing these facilities can be done in a large number of different ways. This collection of samples is not intended to be a guide on how to design the recreational areas apart from the specific suggestions in the relevant paragraph. For more specific information reference is made to DS-Håndbog 105: Outdoor areas for all – Planning and design – Guidelines for providing access for disabled persons.

Number of pages: 96

Published: 1999-05-10

Date of approval: 1999-04-29

Date of withdrawal: 2012-12-03

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ICS: 11.180.01 - Aids for disabled and handicapped persons in general 91.020 - Physical planning. Town planning

Item number: 40034


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