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DS/HD 60364 series – Danish Collection of standards for the Executive Order on Electrical Installations

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This collection of standards in two volumes contains standards of the DS/HD 60364 series translated into Danish. As from 1 July 2017 reference to these standards is made to the Executive Order on Safety in connection with the Construction and Operation of Electrical Installations (Danish Installation Order). As of 1 July 2017 all standards of the two volumes are applicable.
After 1 July 2017, amendments and corrigenda reflecting any Danish deviations to the DS/HD 60364 series will be issued for each of the relevant standards. This present collection of standards was published at a time, where these amendments had not yet been published. Their content was, however, known and therefore included in this collection in the chapter ‘Danish deviations’.
This collection of standards can be used together with the Danish Installation Order, as the safety requirement of § 3 of the Danish Electrical Safety Act is considered fulfilled, if the installation is carried according to an applicable version of the DS/HD 60364 series and the provisions of the Danish Installation Order are met.
In the Danish Installation Order reference is made to a number of DS/HD standards, all translated into Danish in cooperation with the Danish Safety Technology Authority, and published individually under their particular designations followed by “(SIK)”, e.g. DS/HD 60364-1:2008 (SIK). In these SIK versions, any amendments and/or corrigenda have been incorporated.
DS/HD standards often include special national conditions. These conditions include A deviations, which depend on national legislation of the various countries, and SNC’s which are owed to other factors, e.g. climatic conditions. Only conditions relating to Denmark have been included in the translated DS/HD (SIK) standards. Conditions relating to other countries are contained in the corresponding English versions of the DS/HD standards.
The Danish Installation Order describes the national conditions to be applied in connection with construction and operation of electrical installations. In cooperation with the Danish Safety Technology Authority it has been decided to leave out the Danish deviations to the standards in this version of the standards collection, as the national deviations contained in the individual DS/HD standards are primarily based on requirements of chapter 6 of the Danish Heavy Current Regulation, and not on the requirements of the Danish Installation Order of 2017.
About standards
Standards are dynamic. They are regularly scrutinized, reviewed and replaced. This, of course, also applies to the standards of this collection. However, they are subject to a transitional period extending the possibility to use them, even after they have been replaced. As for the DS/HD 60364 series, the transitional period generally runs over three years.
You can contact Danish Standards and sign up for monitoring of the standards referred to by the Danish Installation Order. This will keep you updated when changes related to the standards occur, e.g. amendments and corrigenda, and when a standard has been replaced, or its transitional period has expired. Please contact Danish Standards at dssalg@ds.dk or phone no. 39 96 61 31.
Important information about similarities and differences between already published translations and the content of this standards collection
The standards of this version of the collection are mainly identical with the Danish translations of the corresponding DS/HD (SIK) standards that have already been published individually. However, it is important to be aware of the following differences: As described above, the Danish deviations were incorporated in the translations of the individual DS/HD (SIK) standards. However, since the majority of the Danish deviations has been cancelled by the coming into force of the Danish Installation Order, these deviations have not been incorporated in the versions of the standards collection. This means that where the content has been added, amended, replaced or deleted in the already published Danish translations of the DS/HD (SIK) standards, due to deviations, these changes have not been implemented in the corresponding paragraphs of the standards collection. This variance between versions is most obvious where omitted Danish deviations result in gaps in the text of the standards collection. If you want to know where the text differences are, you have to compare the text of the published translations with the text of the standards collection.
In both volumes, the Danish title pages of the standards, the national foreword as well as the European implementation pages have been removed. You can view these pages in the preview of the various standards on webshop.ds.dk.
Please also note that DS/HD 60364-7-703:2007 (SIK) and DS/HD 384.7.711 S1:2004 (SIK) contain editorial corrections and additions made in cooperation with the Danish Safety Technology Authority.
Danish deviations
As mentioned above the previous Danish deviations have been deleted from this standards collection. Deviations resulting from the recent Danish Installation Order have been included in both volumes in the paragraphs ‘Danish deviations’, where the section of the Danish Installation Order is placed beside the relevant clause(s) of this book. Blue font marks the clauses in which the deviations are to be included.
The remaining structure of the standards collection
Both volumes of the standards collection provide a list of contents. However, their structure is different. The list of contents of Volume 1 states the designations, titles and overall clauses and subclauses of the standards, whereas the contents of Volume 2 only states designations and titles of the standards. Generally, the standards are listed by the alphanumeric order of their designation.
Volume 1 contains the terms and definitions of Electropedia IEV 195 and 826, translated into Danish.
Electropedia is available online at http://www.electropedia.org/.
In order to keep the original page numbers, some blank pages have been inserted where necessary in both volumes. The page numbers of these pages can be seen in the right and left side of the paper. The page numbers of the standards collection are centered at the bottom of the page.
Changes compared to the 1st version:
The following standards have been included in their most recent versions:
DS/HD 60364-5-534:2016 (SIK)
DS/HD 60364-5-557:2013+A11:2016 (SIK)
DS/HD 60364-5-537:2016 (SIK)
DS/HD 60364-6:2016 (SIK)
DS/HD 60364-5-551:2010+A11:2016 (SIK)
DS/HD 60364-7-712:2016 (SIK)
The following standard has been added:
DS/HD 60364-4-46:2016 (SIK)

Number of pages: 783

Published: 2017-06-30

Date of approval: 2017-06-29

Date of withdrawal: 2018-07-01

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