DS Handbook 185:2017 ( Withdrawn )

DS Handbook 185:2017)

How to DO projects. A Nordic Flavour to Managing Projects

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If you seek inspiration to alternative project management practices, then this book helps you understand project management by developing your own “recipe” for projects.

The book shows you how to transform the well-known processes into actions, and how to team-work to achieve a meaningful purpose. The book focusses on three elements:

• The ISO 21500:2012, Guidance on project management standard, which represents a common language.
• The Nordic “flavour”, which complements ISO 21500 through its focus on empowerment based on understanding, social relations, and the development of future-oriented meaningful projects.
• The four perspectives (purpose, people, complexity, and uncertainty) and context, which together provide a solid foundation to develop your own recipe for projects, in line with both the ISO standard and the Nordic flavour.

The book is organised around 8 chapters. Chapter one gives you an introduction to the 3 main elements of the book. Chapter two presents various ways of defining projects, their key characteristics, and related concepts. Chapter three presents the context of projects. Hereafter follows the chapters of the four perspectives mentioned above. The final chapter outlines the principles for putting it all together and connecting the dots as a reflective practitioner doing projects.

If you are a student at DTU, the book will prepare you for the ISO 21500 certification exam.

Number of pages: 160

Published: 2017-01-30

Date of approval: 2017-01-30

Date of withdrawal: 2017-12-14

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