DS/HD 384.7.714 S1:2002 ( Withdrawn )

Electrical installations of buildings - Part 7: Requirements for special installations or locations - Section 714: Outdoor lighting installations

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This section of IEC 364-7 deals with fixed external lighting installations. NOTE: – External lighting comprises luminaries, wiring system and accessories located outside buildings. The requirements apply particularly to: – lighting installations e.g. for roads, parks, gardens, public places, sporting areas, illumination of monuments and floodlighting; – other equipment incorporation lighting such as telephone kiosks, bus shelters, advertising panels, town plans, road signs. These rules do not apply to: – public lighting installations which are part of public power grid and operated by a public supply authority who is responsible for and has taken all necessary measures regarding safety; – temporary festoon lighting; – road traffic signal systems; – luminaries which are fixed to the outside of a building and are supplied directly from the internal wiring of that building. For lighting installation for swimming pools and fountains, see IEC 364-7-702.

Number of pages: 20

Published: 2002-05-07

Date of approval: 2002-02-05

Date of withdrawal: 2012-06-29

International relationships : HD 384.7.714 S1:2000 IDT IEC 60364-7-714 Ed. 1.0 MOD

ICS: 91.140.50 - Electricity supply systems 91.160.20 - Exterior building lighting

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