DS/IEC CISPR 20:1986 ( Withdrawn )

EN= Measurement of the immunity of sound and TV broadcast re ceivers and associated equipment in the frequency range 1 to 30MHz by the current injection method. Guidance on immunity requirements for the reduction of interference caused by ra dio transmitters in the frequency range 26 MHz to 30 MHz

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The publication describes a method of measurement of immunit y from asymmetric interference currents. In this method, int erference r.f. currents are injected onto the leads and cabl es associated with the equipment under test by a suitable co upling network, thus simulating the effects of an ambient r. f. field. The immunity of an equipment is expressed in terms of the e.m.f. of an interference source with ..............

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Published: 1986-01-01

Date of approval: 1986-01-01

Date of withdrawal: 1993-01-29

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