DS/INSTA 800 Eng. ver.:2007 ( Withdrawn )

Cleaning quality - Measuring system for assessment and rating of cleaning quality

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The object of this standard is to describe the quality of measurement to assess the quality of cleaning. This standard describes two fundamental principles; visual control and objective measurements. For a specific cleaning job, it can be useful to apply either of these fundamental principles or maybe a mixture of both. The system is applicable in several different ways: – direct as a result of requirement in connection with the accomplishment, order and/or offer of a cleaning service; – as control of the obtained quality of cleaning; – to assess the load and/or smudging; – as an ascertion of the obtained quality level in relation to the quality of cleaning activity. This standard only describes the use of the system to set out the required quality and to control the obtained quality of cleaning. The system can be used in all types of buildings and localities, for example all types of rooms in office blocks, hospital, schools, kindergartens, shopping centres, shops, production rooms, ships, busses, trains, airplanes, hotels, bar/restaurants, etc. The indoor climate is especially influenced by dust. To ensure an acceptable indoor climate although the cleaning quality is not very high, it can be important to set up special requirements for dust. This can be done by measurement of dust. The customer can define the measurement of dust as described in Annex D.1, alone or as a supplement to the visuel control.

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Published: 2008-02-15

Date of approval: 2007-07-05

Date of withdrawal: 2010-12-19

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