DS/ISO 22734-2:2012 ( Withdrawn )

Hydrogen generators using water electrolysis process - Part 2: Residential applications

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This standard defines the construction, safety and performance requirements of packaged hydrogen gas generation appliances, herein referred to as hydrogen generators, using electrochemical reactions to electrolyse water.
This standard is applicable to hydrogen generators that use the following types of ion transport medium:
- group of aqueous bases;
- solid polymeric materials with acidic function group additions such as acid proton exchange membrane (PEM).
This standard is applicable to hydrogen generators intended for indoor and outdoor residential use (noncommercial and non-industrial use) in sheltered areas such as car-ports, garages, utility rooms and similar areas of a residence. This standard includes cord-connected equipment for outdoor and garage use only.
Hydrogen generators that can also be used to generate electricity such as reversible fuel cells are excluded from the scope of this standard.
This standard does not include portable hydrogen generators.
Hydrogen generators that also supply oxygen as a product are excluded from the scope of this standard.
This standard is intended to be used for certification purposes.

Number of pages: 56

Published: 2012-10-05

Date of approval: 2012-09-21

Date of withdrawal: 2019-10-24

International relationships : ISO 22734-2:2011 IDT

ICS: 27.075 - Hydrogen technologies 71.100.20 - Gases for industrial application 71.120.99 - Other equipment for the chemical industry

Item number: M265946



  • ISO/TC 197/WG 8

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