DS/ISO 7176-28:2013

Wheelchairs - Part 28: Requirements and test methods for stair-climbing devices

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This International Standard is applicable to stair-climbing chairs and stair-climbing wheelchair carriers where
the stair-climbing device climbs backwards up the stairs, with the occupant facing downstairs, and climbs
forwards down the stairs with the occupant also facing downstairs.
This International Standard is applicable to stair-climbing devices which are intended for the transport of
adults as well as for children. It is not applicable to stair-climbing devices which are intended to be operated
by children as operating occupants or assistants.
This International Standard specifies requirements and test methods for electrically powered stair-climbing
devices. It also includes ergonomic, labelling and disclosure requirements.
This International Standard specifies tests to demonstrate the stair-climbing device’s ability to perform safely
on stairs with a pitch of 35°, or higher if declared by the manufacturer.
NOTE 1 – When the stair-climbing device is tested in its driving mode according to this part of ISO 7176, the device need not be tested
a second time for the same aspects as a wheelchair.
NOTE 2 – Some requirements apply only for a specified range of rated loads.

Number of pages: 112

Published: 2013-02-08

Date of approval: 2013-01-28

International relationships : ISO 7176-28:2012 IDT

ICS: 11.180.10 - Aids and adaptation for moving

Item number: M242329



  • ISO/TC 173/SC 1

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