DSF/FprEN ISO 10426-4 ( Draft )

Petroleum and natural gas industries – Cements and materials for well cementing – Part 4: Preparation and testing of foamed cement slurries at atmospheric pressure (ISO/FDIS 10426-4:2019)



This document defines the methods for the generation and testing of foamed cement slurries and their
corresponding unfoamed base cement slurries at atmospheric pressure. These methods are developed
for foamed cement slurries with air, at atmospheric conditions, which could mimic a foam quality
experienced with nitrogen at downhole conditions and which can be modified to accommodate other
gases such as nitrogen. This document also addresses slurries that are foamed with nitrogen including
their properties.
This document does not address testing at pressures above atmospheric conditions and does not include
or consider the effects of nitrogen solubility in the nitrogen fraction calculations.
This document is a supplement to API RP 10B-4, 2nd edition (2015), the requirements of which are
applicable with the additions and exclusions specified in this document.

Number of pages: 16

Item number: M322596



  • CEN/TC 12
  • ISO/TC 67/SC 3
  • ISO/TC 67/SC 3/WG 2

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