DSF/prEN ISO 10218-1 ( Draft )

Robotics – Safety requirements – Part 1: Industrial robots (ISO/DIS 10218-1:2021)

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This part of ISO 10218 specifies requirements and guidelines for the inherently safe design, protective measures and information for use of robots for an industrial environment. It describes basic hazards associated with robots and provides requirements to eliminate, or adequately reduce, the risks associated with these hazards.
This part of ISO 10218 does not address the robot as a complete machine. Noise emission is generally not considered a significant hazard of the robot alone, and consequently noise is excluded from the scope of this part of ISO 10218.
This part of ISO 10218 does not apply to undersea, defence, law enforcement, military and space robots, medical and healthcare, prosthetics and other aids for the physically impaired, service or consumer products, tele operated manipulators, and micro robots (displacement less than 1 mm).
NOTE 1 – Requirements for robot systems, integration, and applications are covered in ISO 10218-2.
NOTE 2 – Additional hazards can be created by specific applications (e.g. welding, laser cutting, machining). These system-related hazards need to be considered during robot system design. See ISO 10218-2.

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International relationships : prEN ISO 10218-1 IDT ISO/DIS 10218-1.2 IDT

ICS: 25.040.30 - Industrial robots. Manipulators

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