DS/EN 1997-2 DK NA:2013 English version

National Annex to Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design - Part 2: Ground investigation and testing

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This national annex (NA) is a revision of EN 1997-2 DK NA:2011 and replaces the latter on 2013-05-15. During a transition period until 2013-09-01, this National Annex as well as the previous Na-tional Annex are applicable. Technical changes have been made in clause 5.5.1(1)P.
Previous versions, addenda and an overview of all National Annexes can be found at www.eurocodes.dk
This NA lays down the conditions for the implementation in Denmark of EN 1997-2 for construc-tion works in conformity with the Danish Building Act or the building legislation. Other parties can put this NA into effect by referring thereto.
The national choices may be in the form of nationally applicable values, an option between methods given in the Eurocode, or the addition of complementary guidance.
This NA includes:
 an overview of possible national choices and clauses containing complementary in-formation;
 national choices;
 complementary (non-contradictory) information which may assist the user of the Eu-rocode.
The numbering refers to the clauses of the Eurocode containing choices and/or complementary in-formation. The heading is identical to the heading of the clause in the Eurocode, followed by a clar-ification, as appropriate.
EN 1997-2 differs from other Eurocodes by not stating where national choices are to be made.

Number of pages: 11

Published: 2014-02-11

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ICS: 91.070.70 - Eurocode 7 Geotechnical design. 93.020 - Earthworks. Excavations. Foundation construction. Undergroun

Item number: M285610


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